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Xavier-Daniel is a member of the Board of Catalan Filmmakers College, member of the Film Critics and Film Writers Association in Catalonia, and FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Press). His first film "Silent Moments" (1982)directed and produced by him, was forbidden in Spain, but a few years later was considered a "Cult Movie" and screened in Europe, America and Asia. He has directed film festivals in Catalonia, France and Spain. He has been Programming Director of mythic  sessions of forbidden movies during Franco’s dictatorship screened in France: Ceret, Perpignan, Amelie-les-Bains, Le Boulou. He has also been a member of international juries in film festivals such as Berlin, West Hollywood, Havana, Cracow, Turin… He founded and directed the first GLTB Films Exhibition in Spain “Mostra Lambda” (Barcelona, 1995-2000). Founder and Programming Director of Madrid International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (LesGaiCineMad, 1996-2000). Founder and Director of FICGLB, The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival since 2001 establishing the LGTIB Movie Awards in Catalonia.

Alex Viera. He studied Screenplay Techniques and Resources , Script Workshop and Screenplay for TV serials (UNEAC. Havana, Cuba 2000) and Movies Production (UNEAC. Havana 2001). Postgrade Course in Screenplay for Fiction Feature Films with Alan Baker at ESCAC (High School of Cinema and Audio-visuals in Catalonia, Barcelona 2002). Screenwriter of the Cuban Clandestine Trilogy, documentaries programmed and screened in several universities in U.S.A. which were invited to international film festivals such as Outfest (Los Angeles, USA), West Hollywood, Toronto (Canada), Turin (Italy)… Author of commercials and promotional audio-visuals, and the responsible of Retrospectives about Cuban Cinema, in Catalonia, for the FICGLB,  who is General Coordinator in Barcelona, since 2002.

Foreign Consultants
Moritz de Hadeln. Born in Exeter, England, the year 1940, he is a Swiss citizen from the year 1986. With their wife Erika, founded the International Festival of Documentary Film of * Nyon that directed from 1969 until 1979. The year 1963 put on behind the camera and he shot the documentary Him Pèlé, taken place by the Switzerland Company of * Teleproducción of Zurich. Three years later, and working with Ernest Artaria, he directed Ombres et Mirages; in the same period he worked in edition, next to Yves Allegret and as assistant of direction at the CCC Film Studios of Berlin. He has been director of the Film Festival in Locarno (Switzerland, 1972 -1979) and Berlinale, International Film Festival in Berlin (1979 -2001). After the fall of the wall of Berlin, the year 1989, he considered opportune to make of the Festival one of the places of more important professionals of the German new capital encounter. He developed the Market of the European Film to establish links with the film international industry and he was able to transfer the headquarters from the Festival to the new building of Potsdamer Platz, where it takes place at the moment the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin. He was proposed as director of the Mostra of Venice and he accepted (2002 -2003). He is member of EFA (European Film Academy) and he has received the Teddy Award to his career and for the initiative of granting these prizes in favor of the sexual diversity inside the mark of the Berlin Film Festival, when he was the director.

Wieland Speck. Born in Freiburg the year 1951, he has lived in Berlin from 1972. He studied Germanic literature, drama and ethnology in Freie Universität Berlin. He has worked as actor with directors of the prestige of David Hemmings, Robert Van Ackeren, Ulrike Ottinger and Ian Pringle. He began to put on behind the camera shooting several documentaries in support videotape. Of the year 1979 at the 1981 studied in San Francisco Art Institute. It is managing, author and producing of numerous productions for television and cinema. He has worked in several film institutions and events, among other Filmhaus Berlin, Filmbüro Baden-Württemberg, and Berlin European Short Film Festival. From the year 1982 and during ten years, has been working of assistant of managing Manfred Salzgeber , for the section Panorama of the International Berlin Film Festival. After his death, it was named, in 1992, director of this section. He has directed the long feature film Westler (1985) and numerous short films, as Zimmer 303 (1991). With Andrea Weiss he has shared script and direction of the long documentary Escapes to Life-The Erika and Klaus Mann Story (2000), with production of Greta Schiller, with Vanessa and Corin Redgrave and the composer and actor Albrecht Becker.

Kirsten Schaffer is the Director of Programming of OUTFEST, the largest film festival in Southern California and the largest arts and culture event for the gay and lesbian community in the region. Schaffer is responsible for ensuring that OUTFEST continues to program the newest and best gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered feature films, documentaries and short film subjects for its annual film festival in July and throughout the year for OUTFEST Wednesdays. For six years, Schaffer worked for the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, first as the Director of Programming and then as the Co-Executive Director. Schaffer has also worked as a programmer for the Northwest International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and as a curator for the Olympia Film Festival and the One Reel Festival at Bumbershoot. She has a BA from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

Jenni Olson. Broadcaster, screenwriter, investigator and writer of films of homosexual sunjects from the year 1986. She has been co-director of the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. She is also the author of the Encyclopedia of Cinema and Video Gay and Lesbian, published the year 1996. She has written for the noted publications The Advocate, Out Magazine and The Bay Area Reporter, among other newspapers and magazines. In the land of the production she has been producer associated in several projects, as Jodie (documentary on Jodie Foster, an icon for many lesbians) for British Channel Four Television. The Joy of Life (2005) it has represented her long feature film's debut. Her last work has been the short film 575 Castro St. (2008), shot in the Set of Gus Van Sant for his film Harvey Milk.
Cheryl Dunye  a native of Liberia, received her BA from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and her MFA from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Dunye has received numerous national and international honors for her work in the media arts. Her third feature film, Miramax’s, MY BABY’S DADDY, was a box office success and played at theaters nation wide. Dunye’s second feature, the acclaimed HBO Films, STRANGER INSIDE, garnered Dunye an Independent Spirit award nomination for best director in 2002. Dunye wrote, directed and starred in her first film which was the first African American lesbian feature film, THE WATERMELON WOMAN. It was awarded the Teddy Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and best feature in L.A.’s OutFest, Italy’s Torino, and France’s Creteil Film Festivals. Dunye’s other works have been included in the have been included in the Whitney Biennial and screened at festivals in New York, London, Tokyo, Cape Town, Amsterdam and Sydney. In addition Dunye has received grants from the Astraea Foundation and Frameline; a recipient of a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts; a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation; graced with the prestigious Anonymous was a Woman Award, as well as a 2004 Community Vision Award from National Center for Lesbian Rights and a 2004 Creative Excellence Award by Women in Film and Television. Dunye has received grants from the Astraea Foundation and Frameline; a recipient of a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts; a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation; and graced with the prestigious Anonymous was a Woman Award as well as a lifetime achievement award from Girlfriend’s Magazine. Dunye is based in Los Angeles and is at work on a new feature film, Adventures in the 419, with Duly Noted, Inc.

Giovanni Minerba. Founder and director of From Sodoma to Hollywood, Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the first  specialized filmfest contest created in Europe. He has carried out numerous short films, pioneers in his country, performed and/or codirected with Ottavio Mai, his feeling couple and professional. Both founded the reivindicative association Another Communication, for the homosexual rights and they created the Festival the year 1986. He has directed, in homage to his died partner, the long documentary Ottavio Mai (2003), together with the Italian writer Alessandro Golinelli.
Desi del Valle. Filmmaker and actress of Cruel the year 1994, has been director of Frameline, distribution of independent films  and organizer of the San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. She is also the actress of Mod Fuck Explosion, Jeanne & Hauviette, and Desi's Looking For A New Girl. He received the co-main character when the Catalan woman filmmaker, Marta Balletbó-Coll, offered her performing the long feature film Costa Brava Family Album that supposed her an international recognition, after numerous prizes that it got this film. She is the director of Back to Life (2009).

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